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Ideal for:-
Industrial Automation Tasks

These are essentially a simplified PLC with limited functionality. Designed to replace a number of standard relays you find in machine automation where the task does not require full PLC functionality.

Typically programmed in a simplified ladder logic or function block format. These smart relays include input and outputs, internal coils and contacts, timers, counters, time clocks and messages. These can be used to provide control functions requiring multiple timers, counters and relays and replace a moderate circuit with multiple components with a single component at a fraction of the price.

Irrigation Monitor and Control

A typical installation, there would be a number of mechanical and/or electronic relays and timers. With a smart relay, these are all incuded within the smart relay, so there is only a single component to pruchase and wire to. This reduces the compnent cost and the wiring time, plus additional control circitry can be added at no additional cost.

Easy Home Automation

Simple, low cost and reliable smart relays allow simple tasks such as garage door and gate control, appliace control and power interlocking to minimise energy wastage.


Control By Web:-

Security Control Industrial Automation Remote Monitoring
Data Acquistion Remote Lighting Control Weather Station Monitoring
Remote Equipment Control Gate Control School Bell Scheduling & Control
Server Room Temp/Humidity Irrigation Monitoring & Control Endless Possibilities



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