AVLinkPro Bridges

AVLinkPro-360 1U SIP PBX Bridge Communicator



AVLinkPro's most popular, complete low profile Rack Mountable SIP Bridge controller with port expansion slot. (available in black or wood)

The ideal communication mediator for almost any single residence installations. The AVLinkPro 360 RM is a compact 1U rack enabled SIP/RTSP/TCP/IP bridge that allows small to medium installations to have full connectivity with expansion capabilities. Single Unit Dwellings and smaller multiple unit dwelling installations can take advantage of video intercom, SIP connected communications, Cross platform control and seamless integration.

AVLinkPro V with V-Sense

AVLinkPro V Uprade offers the power of the system with a totally touch-less intercom enhancement.

Applications this will enable are:

  • Touch-less audio/video communications.
  • Automated door attendant communication
  • Directory dialing by unit or apartment number
  • Human aspect video  eliminates false intercom calls
  • Intelligent audio attendant is fully programmable
  • Multiple language/voice/styles available
  • Will enable single button intercom into MDU capable system
  • Designed to work with almost any video  intercom door station

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