2N IP Audio Systems

2N SIP Horn Speaker


The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn Speaker is an IP67 rated outdoor speaker with exceptionally loud and clear audio. The user can use the speaker as a tool for broadcasting live announcements across large areas to actively protect their property. If an unwanted visitor enters the premises, they can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser

The unit has the Loudest sound on the market and the user can rely on the high quality sound output with excellent audibility. Simply put the 2N® SIP Speaker Horn speaker delivers the loudest sound output of all IP speakers on the market (SPLmax 124dB) when in use with 24Vdc. Less on PoE being 110dB SPLmax.

Announcement planner You can broadcast live and preset announcements. Announcements can be scheduled using the advanced planning function. Connectivity with VMS using ONVIF Seamless compatibility with video management software (VMS) allows you to respond remotely to anything you see on your camera system with live or preset announcements.


Comes complete with Stainles Steel Mounting Bracket.

The units have full file scheduling built-in with stored files and automation scripting.  It also supports SIP 2.0 for direct calling.  Has built-in Audio Test and Noise level detection so alarms can be set to inform monitoring centre of any issue that may arise.

Can directly connect to virtually any VMS server that has broadcast capability to camera speakers as it just becomes another speaker within the system with the eception of the volume and audio characteristics.

Ouput:- 8Watt (PoE) / 25Watt (24Vdc)

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